W12 Tech: A thought for the quizzes

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hicks (2013). This is a book I will definitely re-read in the near future. I am glad this course introduced me to this valuable resource.

I gained 100% on first attempt of quiz only twice. On nine quizzes I received 100% on second attempt while on one instance I finally gained the full marks after the third try.

Without a doubt my technical writing ability has improved over the last 12 weeks. I found the two punctuation quizzes the most challenging while the style quiz was easy. I have increased confidence around the placement of apostrophes and commas while my thoughts on style have been re-enforced. With that said, I know I will need to refer back to the Hicks (2013) text as I move forward with my writing.


W12 Prac: Review of my blog

In Week six we were provided the opportunity to submit completed blog posts for assessment and feedback. From that submission, I received feedback on almost all of my blog posts.

Week One: I was reminded to watch my spelling and shorten my sentences. Not only did I correct my spelling error and shorten my lead sentence in the week one post, I also ensured I continued to apply these principles through-out the rest of my blog posts. View comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/horses-for-courses-a-media-style-for-every-purpose/ Continue reading “W12 Prac: Review of my blog”

W12 Inquiry: A time for reflection

When taking the opportunity to reflect on the COMM11007 learning experience, there are a few stand-out areas that I feel my skills and knowledge have been developed substantially.

First of all, when staring at a blank page wondering where to start, I now know to start by writing the words ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ – everything else will begin to flow from there. Continue reading “W12 Inquiry: A time for reflection”

W11 Tech: A little bit of style goes a long way

Wk 11 quiz.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week 11 Quiz Results

I am proud to say I received 100 per cent on my first attempt of this week 11 quiz! I found it a little strange to set a quiz on one’s writing style, as everyone has a different style. I wonder if receiving 100 per cent means I have a very generic writing style?

W11 Prac: From ‘bad’ to ‘good’

Woman freed from under Brisbane train

A women was freed from under a train at Eagle Junction Train Station in Brisbane at 12.55pm.

After becoming trapped just after 12noon, four fire crews responded to the incident.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Ambulance Services said the women has been transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.

“The woman is currently conscious but has sustained lower leg injuries,” said the spokesperson.

Train services have been impacted with delays of up to 40 minutes being experiences on the Airport and Doomben lines.

For more information on the latest train delays, contact Queensland Rail: 1234 5678.

W11 Inquiry: An opportunity to consider what is ‘bad’

Through-out this term we have been guided through examples of what ‘good’ media writing looks like. I feel this has equipped me with some useful foundational tools. As we near the end of term we are now being provided the opportunity to look at some ‘bad’ examples of media writing – which is often humorous.

 This week we looked at a Courier Times piece >> http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/woman-stuck-under-train-at-eagle-junction-train-station-brisbane/news-story/3fdffc6978a2cb47b0461d1dbb1177ad

 I found the following problems with this piece: Continue reading “W11 Inquiry: An opportunity to consider what is ‘bad’”