W1 Tech: “Is this a trick question?”

Everything about the last couple of weeks before a new term starts is exciting. The day your new, never-been-read textbook arrives in the mail, the day the course schedule and assessment tasks become public and, finally, the day the course goes live on Moodle.

But then, everything about the first week of a new term is overwhelming. Realising the mountain of work that you are expected to tackle, realising the assessment tasks are actually somewhat more challenging than you initially thought and realising you won’t be taking a weekend off for another twelve weeks.I’m approximately two thirds of the way through my double degree so I know the best tactic is to just get in and get started… so in I went, starting with a quiz that required no study and a keen eye.

I think I looked at the first question for about three minutes, “is this a trick question?”

With very little confidence I continued and completed the test to the best of my ability still with very little certainty of whether I was on the right track. But, the test proved that the uncertainty was unnecessary as I achieved eight out of eight.

Week 1 quiz.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week One Quiz Results

A friendly reminder to me to calm down and trust myself a little more… you’ve got this!!





Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

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