W2 Tech: A quick grammar rule quiz

Figure 1: The Rule Book. Source: KC Communication (2011).

This week we were asked to undertake a quick quiz on the topic of ‘Grammar Rules’. While I believe my grammar isn’t atrocious, I was thankful to see unlimited quiz attempts were available.

In preparation for the quiz I read Hick’s (2013) ‘Chapter Two – Grammar: the rules’ and while doing so memories of primary school English came flooding back. Some of the rules I knew while some of the rules gave me the feeling that I know very little about the English language at all.

With a small amount of uncertainty, I attempted the quiz which I found to not be as daunting as originally thought. Finite verbs and the use of commas soon became my apparent downfalls as I answered the two questions on these topics incorrectly resulting in an eight out of 10.

After reviewing the correct responses I re-sat the quiz and achieved 100%.

Quiz result
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Two Quiz Results



Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, USA.

KC Communication 2011, The Rule Book, digital image, gallery, viewed 20 July 2016, http://kc-communications.com/rules/


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

5 thoughts on “W2 Tech: A quick grammar rule quiz”

  1. Great reflection Hilary :). I’ll make a comment on prose later – essentially, it flows well but tightening it is probably a focus point for improvement as a generally comment. That will always depend on context, though.


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