W3 Prac: Game plan; planning to cover an event

Week three marks the commencement of planning for assessment two; covering a local event. The assessment requirements include researching then recording an event on Twitter followed by writing and curating a story about the event on Storify.

Its time to start considering the Who, What, Where, When Why and How of the events coming up in little old Katherine, NT. 

Searching for the perfect event

When sitting down and thinking about how I might find some interesting local events, the first thought I had was to visit the Facebook page titled ‘What’s On! Katherine NT’. Scrolling through the options I find ‘Kirby’s [local pub] presents Chumsta all weekend long’ – no, ’10 week beginner lyengar yoga course’ – no, ‘Friday and Saturday only – Katherine’s famous hot spuds are back’ – definitely not. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to find what I am looking for on this site.

After looking a little further, the local Katherine Town Council Website offers some options. The weekly local community markets and the ordinary meeting of Katherine Town Council. While at this stage it is challenging to know if there will be any issues or stories of substance covered at the Town Council Meeting, I will keep an eye out for the meeting’s agenda in the next couple of weeks to see if any interesting or controversial agenda items are tabled.

Unfortunately there appears to be very little else on Katherine’s calendar in the coming weeks, but, as the Journalists of our local newspaper know all too well, you just have to keep looking for stories.

So at this stage, my options are:

  1. Katherine’s local markets held weekly
  2. Katherine Town Council’s Ordinary Meeting.

I am however keeping my eyes peeled for a more appropriate event… but will be sure to not make the same mistakes as the former Katherine Times Editor >> Katherine Time’s editor Lyndon Keane stood down

The need for planning

Watching the quick six minute video from our course coordinator highlighted the following points around planning:

  1. Time flies so planning before the event is a must. Plan to capture the essentials but be ready to capture the unexpected as the event unfolds and have solid background information about the event.
  2. Are there any main events? Research the time and place the main events are on and plan to be there on time so you do not miss the main event. Are there any travel and logistic issues you need to overcome?
  3. Ensure you have media accreditation prior to the event to avoid disappointment when you arrive.

Planning for the event

As I am unable, at this stage to plan for the Katherine Town Council Meeting, as the agenda for the meeting has not been released, I will concentrate on the local markets event.

Katherine Community Markets

Background: The Katherine Community Markets are held every Saturday morning from 8am to 1pm at the Lindsay Street Complex. The markets show case the wide range of local produce available for purchase, offers live music, local arts and crafts as well as plenty of food stalls  (Katherine Community Market 2016) . It is a common gathering place for local Katherine families but also welcomes many interstate visitors during the dry season.

Accreditations: No accreditations to take photography or media passes are required for the Markets.

Main events: There is no one main event at the Katherine Community Markets so I will focus on the human interest. I will go on the quest to find the best breakfast and coffee and also highlight the locally grown fruit and veg.

People: I hope to photograph a stall holder, a family and a person eating. I will endeavour to get a quote from each of these people as well.

Interest: This type of story could be of interest to the Market organisers themselves. I would like to think that it is a piece that could be published on their website. I would like the piece to be diverse so that it is not only informative for potential stallholders but also interesting enough to engage potential tourist visitors. I will include not only the types of stalls that are available but also add the small town feel to the story to draw in the typical visitor to the Region.


Katherine Community Market 2016, Home, viewed 31 July 2016, http://katherinemarkets.com.au/

Katherine Town Council 2016, Welcome to Katherine, viewed 27 July 2016, http://www.ktc.nt.gov.au/

Sorensen, H 2016, ‘Katherine Time’s editor Lyndon Keane stood down’, The NT News, 9 June, viewed 27 July 2016, http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/katherine-times-editor-lyndon-keane-stood-down/news-story/a42a0bba83b1387354360610c5175034

What’s On! Katherine 2016, Facebook page, 27 July, viewed 31 July 2016, https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatsonkatherine/


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

3 thoughts on “W3 Prac: Game plan; planning to cover an event”

  1. Hilary, this is interesting. I actually think you could frame this for a potential tourist (‘What to do when you’re in Katherine’). See my Week 8 online video because focusing on your audience and what they should learn will help you with your tone and approach when you’re pulling it together. Watch the space before full-stop :).


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