W3 Inquiry: How effective is the lead?

Don dale.jpg
Image: Don Dale Detention Centre Darwin. Source: SBS 2016.

The Guardian published a follow-up piece on revelations of abuse occurring inside Darwin’s Don Dale Detention Centre resulting in the announcement of a royal commission. Indigenous leaders’ requests for Indigenous representation during the commission have been rejected.

The article’s lead, ‘The special minister of state, Scott Ryan, has rejected calls from members of the Aboriginal community and Bill Shorten to appoint Indigenous co-commissioners to the royal commission into juvenile detention in the Northern Territory’, successfully explains who: special minister of state, Scott Ryan, what: rejection of aboriginal co-commissioners and where: NT detention centres.

The when: last week, appears in the sixth paragraph while why and how; revelations of child abuse in detention centres are explained in paragraphs two to five.

This story holds my interest as I am an NT community member, juvenile crime rates are very high therefore we need a corrective system that is effective not abusive.


SBS 2016, ‘Don Dale Detention Centre Darwin’, digital image, viewed 1 August 2016, http://www.sbs.com.au/news/thefeed/article/2016/07/26/history-allegations-inhumane-treatment-don-dale-juvenile-detention-centre

The Guardian 2016, ‘Scott Ryan rejects calls for Indigenous co-commissioners for NT detention inquiry’, The Guardian, 31 July, viewed 31 July 2016, https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/jul/31/scott-ryan-rejects-calls-for-indigenous-co-commissioners-for-nt-detention-inquiry


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

4 thoughts on “W3 Inquiry: How effective is the lead?”

    1. Hilary, I also picked up and forgot to mention that publications should be in italics. This also goes for Week 1 (when you refer to the paper), so adjust these for Ass 3.


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