W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion

Dylan and dog.jpg
Image: Dylan Wuttke and Radar (2016). Source: Hilary Sinfield

Companion canines are the most important part of life said 29 year old Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Kyle Bell today.

 “When I get home from work they are so happy to see me,” said Kyle while feeding dog treats to his Red Heeler and Bull Arab cross.

Dylan Wuttke, a 23 year old carpenter and owner of three Bull Arab crosses of his own agreed.

“Life would be boring without them.”

As Kyle and Dylan played tug-of-war with their companions they explained that their dogs are part of the family but also play an important role around the house.

“I spend every afternoon with them,” said Kyle.

Dog owner, Kyle Bell, 29 – “Patch is hilarious, you should see him when I grab his lead.” pic.twitter.com/ytt0via00U

— Hilary Sinfield (@sinfield_hilary) August 4, 2016

Kyle said that many of his afternoons are spent trekking down dirt tracks, swimming in the river or simply laying in the sunny backyard just so he can spend quality time with his dog.

Dylan said his dog Stella has a job to do.

Kyle and patch
Kyle Bell and Patch (2016). Source: Hilary Sinfield

“She guards the fence while we’re at work,” he said.

Working long hours and holding jobs that often require overnight stays away from home, Kyle and Dylan said they feel safe knowing that their home and possessions are protected thanks to their pet dogs.

When asked what they would do without their dogs, Kyle answered that he did not know. Dylan agreed.

Dog owner, Dylan Wattke, 23 – “I don’t know what I would do without him.” pic.twitter.com/996iqp8AHK

— Hilary Sinfield (@sinfield_hilary) August 4, 2016

Red Heelers, otherwise known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are known to be loyal, brave and hardworking but must be supervised around children and strangers. Bull Arabs are usually bred for pig hunting purposes but when handled correctly also make for loyal family pets.


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

7 thoughts on “W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion”

  1. Hi Hilary, great article I enjoyed reading it. As a dog owner of 3 dogs I can relate well to the feelings of your interviewees. Just one suggestion: the paragraph that starts “Kyle said that many of his afternoons” is followed directly by a quote from Dylan but you haven’t done the indirect quote to introduce him 1st that Kate suggests we do so that our readers don’t get confused about who is talking. Maybe you could just pop the ‘Dylan said’ in front of the quote because you have intro’ed him earlier with Kyle?
    I really liked this article it is a nice human interest story.
    Thanks again for your support,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your article too. There were plenty of indirect and direct quotes to keep the reader’s interest.
    I also liked the way you added a footnote at the end, describing the two dog breeds, for those who aren’t familiar with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hilary. Fabulous. You’ve pretty much nailed the basic style which is great. The only pickup I have here is as follows…

    You wrote:

    Dylan said: “Stella, my dog, has a job to do.

    Better as:

    Dylan said his dog Stella has a job to do.

    It’s very rare to introduce speech with a colon, because it disrupts flow generally. So you would then write:

    Dylan said his dog Stella has a job to do.

    “She guards the fence while we’re at work,” he said.

    Adjust this for Ass 3. Great work generally :).


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