W5 Prac: Acquainting myself with Storify

A few weeks ago a I set-up a Storify account in preparation for assessment two. Prior to commencing this course, I had heard of Storify but had no understanding of its purpose or its end product. The set-up was very easy, follow the steps and within three minutes you have yourself a Storify account!

You can find my account here >> https://storify.com/sinfield_hilary

Logging in again today, I still had very little understanding of the purpose of Storify.

The task at hand was to browse a few Storify pieces. I chose to read ‘ABS copes #Censusfail Twitter Wrath’ followed by ‘Ekka 2016’. From what I can gather, Storify is a platform that heavily utilises tweets from various Twitter accounts to build stories about an event. Its interesting and almost perplexing to think that one form of social media is so reliant on another form of social media. Rather than trying to compete with Twitter, Storify utilises all its content and relies on it.


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

3 thoughts on “W5 Prac: Acquainting myself with Storify”

  1. Hilary, one typo: Logging in again today, I still had very little understand of the purpose of storify. **Should be understanding, and I would capitalise Storify.** Hope this helps. 🙂


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