W5 Tech: Common grammar mistakes

Quiz 5
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Five Quiz Results


Reading Chapter Three of Hick’s ‘English for Journalists’ was eye-opening. The chapter, titled ‘Grammar: 10 common mistakes’, noted at least three mistakes I unknowingly make regularly. I have learnt that I often confuse the word ‘may’ with ‘might’, ‘I’ with ‘me’ and ‘whom’ for ‘who’.

On the first attempt of the quiz I gained an 11 out of 12. I did however have to follow the textbook very closely in order to gain this result. I struggled with the final question. On a second attempt I achieved 100%.

I am still not confident with the  rules around ‘I’ and ‘me’, so, I will be sure to pay close attention when I use these words to ensure I learn the correct usage.


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

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