W6 Prac A: The journey from Article to Twitter to Storify

During week 4 I interviewed two friends and developed an article about what they believed to be the most important thing to them. To view this article, check-out this link >> W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion. As part of this exercise, I also tweeted two of the interviewee’s quotes with their photograph.

Those tweets were:

This week we have been asked to convert any other quotes that were included in the article into tweets. Some of those tweets included:

To view the rest of the tweets, visit my twitter account >> https://twitter.com/sinfield_hilary

Once all of the quotes I had collected were converted into tweets, it was time to tackle my first Storify piece. You can check-out my storify story here >> https://storify.com/sinfield_hilary/excite-your-life-with-a-canine-companion

On reflection, when I initially read this week’s task I felt that it was incredibly large and challenging. It appeared to me that we were to complete a second assessment two. However, as I began to break down the elements and complete each task, I realised that it wasn’t going to be nearly as challenging as I originally thought.

Using Storify for the first time was actually very easy. However, I found that apostrophes don’t seem to work correctly when typed, so I had to purposefully misspell  words with an apostrophe then use the spelling check feature to input the work correctly. All in all however, I had converted my Tweets into the Storify story within 15 mins.




Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

4 thoughts on “W6 Prac A: The journey from Article to Twitter to Storify”

  1. Hi Hilary,
    Post reads well, and I enjoyed your Storify post. Well done. Didn’t pick up on any errors, but you might want to look at the use of commas in your sentence in this post where you write: “It appeared, to me, that we were to complete a second assessment two.” I personally would be using the comma after “it appeared” and after “to me” as this seems to mess with the flow of the sentence a little bit? But perhaps that is just personal taste. Well done overall.


  2. Great work Hilary. A good conversion, and you can start to see how the narrative needs to be constructed and where there may be gaps. I picked up one typo 🙂 which I’ve noted on your Storify.


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