W6 Prac B: The journey from Tweets to Media Release to Storify

During week three, I commenced preparation for the coverage of an event. The coverage was to include live tweeting during the event followed by the development of a media release and publication on Storify.

I am thankful to say that on the 13th August I successfully live tweeted the Katherine Community Markets (my event). You can check-out my twitter account and coverage of the event here >> https://twitter.com/sinfield_hilary

Moving forward, it is now time to plan for the development of a media release and conversion of the media release, tweets and other media into a strong Storify publication.

Consideration of who the audience will be is important as it will impact on how the report will be written and how I will ensure the reader feels part of the event.

Audience: Katherine locals, similar readership to the local newspaper – the Katherine Times.

Info for audience: The various types of stalls available is important however I would like to portray the feeling of community spirit that exists at the markets and encourage locals to attend with their families and friends regularly.

Interest and Impact: As the markets is not a hard news story, a great impact may be challenging to achieve. Through the use of the human interest stories I collected on the day, I will be able to spark interest in the audience. Katherine is a very small town and everyone enjoys seeing a familiar face or name in the newspaper. I am aiming for interest from my audience in a similar way.

Structure: To produce readability, I will ensure flow, avoid redundancy and use a tone appropriate to the audience. I would like to try to utilise the inverted pyramid structure as it is tried, tested and proven to be effective. It will be a little challenging to find other social media on the event though I will endeavour to find a few that I can incorporate into the storify piece along-side my own tweets. I enjoyed reading Kate Ames’ (2014) piece https://storify.com/KateAmes/media-writing-curating-vs-creating#publicize as Kate expresses a point then embeds a media piece to support the point, I will use this type of structure. However, I do not think I will use headings as Kate has because I would like the Storfiy piece to still read similarly to a news piece. I do not enjoy ‘reading’ the Storify pieces that are just a list of links and do not contain much narration. Similarly, I do not think it is appropriate to use Storify as a platform to hold a large amount of narration with very few links. That type of structure is more suited to online news.

After taking some time to think about and consider the structure I would like to use and the information I would like my audience to gain from my piece, I’m now feeling prepared to start writing – wish me luck!


Ames, K [Kate Ames] 20114, ‘Media writing curating vs creating’, Storify, viewed 21 August 2016, https://storify.com/KateAmes/media-writing-curating-vs-creating#publicize


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

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