W7 Prac: And in other news…

Companion canines are an important part of life said Mechanic Kyle Bell today.

Kyle, an owner of a Red Heeler and a Bull Arab cross said his dogs brighten his afternoons. Many of his afternoons are spent trekking down dirt tracks, swimming in the river or laying in the sunny backyard just so he can spend quality time with his dog.

Soundbite from Kyle: “When I get home from work they are so happy to see me, I spend every afternoon I can with them”.

Kyle’s friend and carpenter, Dylan Wuttke ((What-KEY)) said he agrees.

Soundbite from Dylan: “Life would be boring without them.”

Kyle and Dylan both said that their dogs are part of the family. But, they have an important household role.

Dylan said his dog Stella has a job to do.

Soundbite from Dylan “Stella guards the fence while we’re at work”.

Both men work long hours and are regularly away from home overnight . The men feel safe knowing that their home and possessions are protected thanks to their pet dogs.

When asked what they would do without their dogs, Kyle and Dylan answered that they did not know.

Red Heelers, otherwise known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are known to be loyal, brave and hardworking. Although, they must be supervised around children and strangers. Bull Arabs are usually bred for pig hunting purposes but when handled correctly also make for loyal family pets.


Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

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