W10 Prac: Nitmiluk National Park’s Smouldering Sunset [Photo Essay]

Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park is located in the Top End of the Northern Territory. A variety of walking tracks are available for visitors to explore including the Baruwei Lookout Loop Walk. This landscape is steeped in a rich Indigenous history.

A winding 30km road from Katherine, Northern Territory, leads to the entrance of the Nitmiluk National Park. Traditional Owners of this ancient landscape, the Jawoyn People, welcome those wishing to visit, explore and learn (Nitmiluk Tours 2016)..

The evening sun glistens over the Baruwei Lookout Walk each afternoon. It is easy to forget the daily grind with the warm tropical breeze swirling and aromas of the native Australian plants floating.
The natural contrasts within the Nitmiluk National Park are ever present and surprising. Jimmy Low, a Jawoyn Ranger, conducts control burns throughout the year to assist with land management and plant rejuvenation.
Bolung, the Jawoyn People’s rainbow Serpent, is believed to inhabit the deep pools of the mighty Katherine River. The Jawoyn People do not fish or swim near those holes for fear of waking him (Nitmiluk Tours 2016).
Take a step out onto the ledge, and breathe. This Baruwei Lookout is the perfect way to spend a few hours viewing the Nitmiluk Gorge.
A downstream view of the Katherine River under the setting sun resting on the horizon. For as far as the eye can see, this land is governed by two legal systems: the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Act and the Traditional Laws set down during the time of Burr (Nitmiluk Tours 2016).
The yellow ashen sandstone turns a rosy pink as the setting sun bounces of the gorge cliff faces. These cliffs are thought to be 100 million years old (Nitmiluk Tours 2016).
The Jawoyn People recognise five seasons. The clear blue sky and low humidity make this a perfect Malapparr (winter) day (Nitmiluk Tours 2016).
While the view of the Nitmiluk Gorge is spectacular, so too is the view looking over your shoulder. The occasional eucalyptus tree is found scattered among the sparseness of native grasses and natural rock features.
With walking tracks, boat tours, canoe hire and helicopter flights available to view the smouldering Nitmiluk National Park sunset, there is no excuse for you not to visit.


Nitmiluk Tours 2016, About Us, viewed 27 September, http://www.nitmiluktours.com.au



Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

2 thoughts on “W10 Prac: Nitmiluk National Park’s Smouldering Sunset [Photo Essay]”

  1. Wow. Outstanding. Great level of detail and context that provides an insight into something we don’t often have the privilege to see.


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