W12 Prac: Review of my blog

In Week six we were provided the opportunity to submit completed blog posts for assessment and feedback. From that submission, I received feedback on almost all of my blog posts.

Week One: I was reminded to watch my spelling and shorten my sentences. Not only did I correct my spelling error and shorten my lead sentence in the week one post, I also ensured I continued to apply these principles through-out the rest of my blog posts. View comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/horses-for-courses-a-media-style-for-every-purpose/

Week Two: The feedback provided was on the topic of prose. Essentially, I needed to cut the waffle! I corrected the week two blog by making it much shorter and continued to focus on only writing the essentials for the rest of the term. View comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/a-quick-grammar-rule-quiz/

Week Three: Planning had commenced on covering the event for assessment two. I had identified the target audience for my news article and Storify piece. The feedback however disagreed with my identified audience. I’m glad I followed the advise provided because we received our grades from this assessment today and I received 28/30. View comment here >>  https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/game-plan/

Week Four: We began to get into the nitty-gritty. I learnt when using a publication’s title to always put them in italics – I did not know this so I reviewed all my previous blog posts and corrected this error and continued to apply this through-out my writing for the rest of the term. I was also reminded to check comma placement! View comma here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/an-analysis-of-an-article/

During week four the main task at hand was to write a news article. This was the first time I had ever attempted such as task – I was a little scared! However, I received some positive peer feedback followed by some very constructive feedback from the assessment one marking process. I corrected errors around the use of colons and indirectly introducing those that are directly quoted. All in all, I believe I ended up with a solid first attempt. View comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/page/4/

Week Five: I was disappointed in myself with the feedback provided in week five. I was reminded again to watch my spelling and be careful with consistency when referencing. I knew these things so should not have made the errors. I corrected and continued to work hard at ensuring attention to detail. View comments here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/w5-prac-acquainting-myself-with-storify/


Week Six: A typo again! See comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/wk6-tech-spelling-spelling-and-more-spelling/

Week 12 has now provided us the opportunity to review our week seven to 12 blogs against the provided ‘Blog Writing Checklist’.  I found a few errors throughout my writing that I fixed by:

  • adding additional full stops to make sentences shorter
  • cut unnecessary words
  • changed out several pretentious words with their simpler equivalents
  • amended referencing errors
  • amended selling errors
  • Restructured some sentences and paragraphs for better flow.

Author: Hil Sinfield

Business and professional communication specialist.

2 thoughts on “W12 Prac: Review of my blog”

  1. Hi Hilary,
    Wow, what a detailed analysis. Great work. I noticed that several of the links aren’t set up quite right. Also, in the last sentence of week 4, I think there should be a comma after, “All in all,”. Great job!


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