W1 Inquiry: Horses for courses: a media style for every purpose

Scenic racecourse
Figure 1: Racing Horses (n.d.) Source: The Yorkshire Dales Trail

Newsworthiness is paramount in today’s media landscape to promote the outlet’s brand, personality and style. As Hicks (2013) explains, the media industry is highly competitive so each piece of media communication must portray the style of the media organisation while adhering to the genre of the media piece. Undertaking a comparative exercise on pieces can highlight these stylistic differences. For example, a comparison between The Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory (QCMD) Media Statement (2016) and Davidson’s 2016 article published in the Gold Coast Bulletin Online demonstrates the following variations in style.  Continue reading “W1 Inquiry: Horses for courses: a media style for every purpose”

W1 Tech: “Is this a trick question?”

Everything about the last couple of weeks before a new term starts is exciting. The day your new, never-been-read textbook arrives in the mail, the day the course schedule and assessment tasks become public and, finally, the day the course goes live on Moodle.

But then, everything about the first week of a new term is overwhelming. Realising the mountain of work that you are expected to tackle, realising the assessment tasks are actually somewhat more challenging than you initially thought and realising you won’t be taking a weekend off for another twelve weeks. Continue reading “W1 Tech: “Is this a trick question?””

W1 Prac: A short intro

LinkedinHello and welcome to ‘Hilary Sinfield COMM11007: Hilary Sinfield S0262624’, a blog designed to meet the requirements of Central Queensland University’s Term Two 2016 Media Writing (COMM11007) Course. Please visit often and leave comments.

My name is Hilary Sinfield and I live in Katherine, Northern Territory. I work full-time for a Local Government Organisation that services many very remote Aboriginal Communities in the region. My exciting work-life coupled with amazing places to explore on weekends including the Kimberleys, Kakadu and Nitmiluk NPs means that this former Sydney-sider now loves calling ‘The Territory’ home. Continue reading “W1 Prac: A short intro”