W2 Tech: A quick grammar rule quiz

Figure 1: The Rule Book. Source: KC Communication (2011).

This week we were asked to undertake a quick quiz on the topic of ‘Grammar Rules’. While I believe my grammar isn’t atrocious, I was thankful to see unlimited quiz attempts were available.

In preparation for the quiz I read Hick’s (2013) ‘Chapter Two – Grammar: the rules’ and while doing so memories of primary school English came flooding back. Some of the rules I knew while some of the rules gave me the feeling that I know very little about the English language at all. Continue reading “W2 Tech: A quick grammar rule quiz”

W2 Inquiry: What’s trending on Twitter today?


Figure 1: Twittering. Source: The Website Marketing Group (2016).

Communication and the available channels of communicating continues to grow with the increased use of social media sites. Journalists and communication professionals often harvest the information available on social media sites as the information is instant and direct from the source. Interestingly, Twitter’s mission statement highlights this point:

“To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers’.(Twitter 2016).

With 310 million active users every month and 79% of accounts belonging to members out side of the United States (Twitter 2016), it is certainly a valuable source for any communication professional. Continue reading “W2 Inquiry: What’s trending on Twitter today?”

W2 Prac: A Twitter tidy-up

I created a Twitter account back in 2014. Its had very little use since its creation so when I read that this course required me to create a Twitter account it was an easy decision to simply clean-up my current account.

After deleting the Kim Kardashians etc or the world, updating my profile picture, deleting the few tweets I had mostly featuring holiday snaps and adding approximately 35 different journals and media outlets the newsfeed soon became really interesting.

My new and improved Twitter account may finally get some use!

Pop over and add me! >> https://twitter.com/sinfield_hilary