W3 Inquiry: How effective is the lead?

Don dale.jpg
Image: Don Dale Detention Centre Darwin. Source: SBS 2016.

The Guardian published a follow-up piece on revelations of abuse occurring inside Darwin’s Don Dale Detention Centre resulting in the announcement of a royal commission. Indigenous leaders’ requests for Indigenous representation during the commission have been rejected. Continue reading “W3 Inquiry: How effective is the lead?”

W3 Prac: Game plan; planning to cover an event

Week three marks the commencement of planning for assessment two; covering a local event. The assessment requirements include researching then recording an event on Twitter followed by writing and curating a story about the event on Storify.

Its time to start considering the Who, What, Where, When Why and How of the events coming up in little old Katherine, NT.  Continue reading “W3 Prac: Game plan; planning to cover an event”

W3 Tech: Grammar games

Reading Chapter Four of Hicks (2013) over my morning coffee certainly woke me up. The topic of the chapter was the common problems and confusions of grammar in the English language. Similarly to previous chapters, some of these problems and confusions I knew and already avoid in my writing, others I did not, so, it was interesting to read not only what the problems and confusions are but also the explanations. Continue reading “W3 Tech: Grammar games”