W4 Tech: A quiz on speech reporting

Week 4 quiz
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Four Quiz Results

It is one of those nights. I’m tired from a massive day at work, there is a mountain of dishes that need to be done, an even larger mountain of laundry screaming at me and the boyfriend still hasn’t been fed. The mayhem that is my life tonight showed in this week’s quiz results. Continue reading “W4 Tech: A quiz on speech reporting”

W4 Prac continued: They will make a journalist out of me yet

This week we were asked to write our first piece in a journalistic style. I learnt a valuable lesson – talk to people for longer than three minutes!

I found this exercise challenging because I had limited material to work with. My two interviewees were a little shy so it was hard to get information from them. In turn, I ended up with not a lot of useable information from them.

In reality – the story I wrote really wasn’t news and had this been the real world I would have needed to move and find another topic. This was a good exercise though – I’m feeling a little more prepared for assessment two.

W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion

Dylan and dog.jpg
Image: Dylan Wuttke and Radar (2016). Source: Hilary Sinfield

Companion canines are the most important part of life said 29 year old Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Kyle Bell today.

 “When I get home from work they are so happy to see me,” said Kyle while feeding dog treats to his Red Heeler and Bull Arab cross. Continue reading “W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion”