W5 Tech: Common grammar mistakes

Quiz 5
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Five Quiz Results


Reading Chapter Three of Hick’s ‘English for Journalists’ was eye-opening. The chapter, titled ‘Grammar: 10 common mistakes’, noted at least three mistakes I unknowingly make regularly. I have learnt that I often confuse the word ‘may’ with ‘might’, ‘I’ with ‘me’ and ‘whom’ for ‘who’. Continue reading “W5 Tech: Common grammar mistakes”

W5 Inquiry: An Instagram Investigation

Image 1: Instagram logo Source: Google Play (2016)

After Facebook, Instagram is my go to social media site. Instagram appeals to me because I enjoy the mixture of seeing my friends and family’s photos while also having the ability to search hashtags for the latest trends. If there is a news event or a celebrity that interests me, I always try to Instagram it. In addition, who wouldn’t love a social media site that allows the application of filters to make even the most mediocre of photos look professional?

Instagram is a social media site that describes itself as a community of more than 500 million who capture and share the world’s moments (Instagram 2016). The photo sharing site allows users to upload a photo with a caption and add hashtags in order to make the photo searchable. Expanding Horizons (2016) suggests that Instagram has 300 million active daily users and that users span across many nations and age groups. Continue reading “W5 Inquiry: An Instagram Investigation”

W5 Prac: Acquainting myself with Storify

A few weeks ago a I set-up a Storify account in preparation for assessment two. Prior to commencing this course, I had heard of Storify but had no understanding of its purpose or its end product. The set-up was very easy, follow the steps and within three minutes you have yourself a Storify account!

You can find my account here >> https://storify.com/sinfield_hilary Continue reading “W5 Prac: Acquainting myself with Storify”