W6 Tech: Spelling, spelling and more spelling

Quizwk 6
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Six Quiz Result


I found this week’s quiz to be less challenging than previous weeks.

It is interesting how each weekly quiz assists me with understanding my writing strengths and weaknesses. At the commencement of this course, I probably would have said that my understanding of punctuation and grammar is stronger than my ability to spell (without the assistance of spell-check). Continue reading “W6 Tech: Spelling, spelling and more spelling”

W6 Prac A: The journey from Article to Twitter to Storify

During week 4 I interviewed two friends and developed an article about what they believed to be the most important thing to them. To view this article, check-out this link >> W4 Prac: Excite your life with a canine companion. As part of this exercise, I also tweeted two of the interviewee’s quotes with their photograph. Continue reading “W6 Prac A: The journey from Article to Twitter to Storify”

W6 Prac B: The journey from Tweets to Media Release to Storify

During week three, I commenced preparation for the coverage of an event. The coverage was to include live tweeting during the event followed by the development of a media release and publication on Storify.

I am thankful to say that on the 13th August I successfully live tweeted the Katherine Community Markets (my event). You can check-out my twitter account and coverage of the event here >> https://twitter.com/sinfield_hilary Continue reading “W6 Prac B: The journey from Tweets to Media Release to Storify”