W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use

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Hilary Sinfield’s Week 7 Quiz Results

I managed to achieve 100 percent on my first attempt at this quiz. This result is probably because I got a promotion today, or, maybe I got my promotion because of my strong understanding of word use. Continue reading “W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use”

W7 Prac: And in other news…

Companion canines are an important part of life said Mechanic Kyle Bell today.

Kyle, an owner of a Red Heeler and a Bull Arab cross said his dogs brighten his afternoons. Many of his afternoons are spent trekking down dirt tracks, swimming in the river or laying in the sunny backyard just so he can spend quality time with his dog.

Soundbite from Kyle: “When I get home from work they are so happy to see me, I spend every afternoon I can with them”.

Kyle’s friend and carpenter, Dylan Wuttke ((What-KEY)) said he agrees.

Soundbite from Dylan: “Life would be boring without them.”

Kyle and Dylan both said that their dogs are part of the family. But, they have an important household role.

Dylan said his dog Stella has a job to do.

Soundbite from Dylan “Stella guards the fence while we’re at work”.

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W7 Inquiry: Broadcast & print-based media comparative exercise

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Image: Teleprompt (2016) Source: Speakeasy Teleprompt

Week seven has a strong focus on writing for speech. Who would have thought it be so different to print media? Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith’s (2012) suggestion to stop and listen to a newsreader certainly highlighted that sentences are shorter, language is simpler and there is a slight inclination towards a more conversational tone when compared to print-based news stories.

 After reading Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith’s(2012)  Chapter 11 Preparing Broadcasting Copy, I made the following summary. Continue reading “W7 Inquiry: Broadcast & print-based media comparative exercise”