W12 Prac: Review of my blog

In Week six we were provided the opportunity to submit completed blog posts for assessment and feedback. From that submission, I received feedback on almost all of my blog posts.

Week One: I was reminded to watch my spelling and shorten my sentences. Not only did I correct my spelling error and shorten my lead sentence in the week one post, I also ensured I continued to apply these principles through-out the rest of my blog posts. View comment here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/horses-for-courses-a-media-style-for-every-purpose/ Continue reading “W12 Prac: Review of my blog”

W11 Tech: A little bit of style goes a long way

Wk 11 quiz.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week 11 Quiz Results

I am proud to say I received 100 per cent on my first attempt of this week 11 quiz! I found it a little strange to set a quiz on one’s writing style, as everyone has a different style. I wonder if receiving 100 per cent means I have a very generic writing style?