W10 Prac: Alternate headlines

In week eight we were given the opportunity to become Jenna Jones, Communications Manager of FakeComicCon for the day. Unfortunately on this day the organisation was in crisis management mode due to a violent incident that had occurred at one of the FakeComicCon events.

 As part of our Communication Manager duties, we were required to develop a media release. The media release that I developed was headlined ‘FakeComicCon and Queensland Police Investigate Incident’. You can view the media release and headline here >> https://hilaryscomm11007blog.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/w8-prac-putting-a-pr-spin-on-it/#more-772 Continue reading “W10 Prac: Alternate headlines”

W10 Prac: Nitmiluk National Park’s Smouldering Sunset [Photo Essay]

Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park is located in the Top End of the Northern Territory. A variety of walking tracks are available for visitors to explore including the Baruwei Lookout Loop Walk. This landscape is steeped in a rich Indigenous history.

A winding 30km road from Katherine, Northern Territory, leads to the entrance of the Nitmiluk National Park. Traditional Owners of this ancient landscape, the Jawoyn People, welcome those wishing to visit, explore and learn (Nitmiluk Tours 2016)..

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W9 Tech: Proper punctuation is the key

Quiz wk 9.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Nine Quiz Results

In order to prepare for the week nine quiz, I read Hicks (2013) Chapter six on punctuation three times over. When selecting to attempt the quiz on Moodle, I still felt ill-prepared. Continue reading “W9 Tech: Proper punctuation is the key”

W9 Inquiry: Reviewing a newsletter

I love a good newsletter. Whenever I need to wait in a waiting room, I always look to see if the organisation has a newsletter. I believe it provides an interesting insight into what the organisation feels is important, newsworthy and the types of events they like to celebrate.

Image: What a Croc (2016). Source: Booktopia.

When reading through week’s activity, I was  excited about the task at hand. Who doesn’t love a good crocodile story? The NT News certainly does. So I followed the link provided to the Crocodile Specialist Group’s website (2016) and located the latest Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter.

I undertook the following analysis:

What kinds of stories are in the newsletter?

The newsletter commences with information about how one can subscribe to the publication and the level of sponsorships available for people to donate. The stories start with an editorial that opens with some sad news of a member then moves through to good news and recent industry updates.  The editorial is followed by information about an assistance grant that is available and a crocodile attack that occurred in Iran. The minutes of the CSG Steering Committee are placed next filling seven of the 32 pages of the newsletter.  A recount of the 24th CSG Working meeting begins to provide  a personal feel to the newsletter as it includes photographs of members of this association. The regional reports come next and  provide interesting stories and photos of the work and achievements of members across the globe including Venezuela, Colombia, USA and Germany. The newsletter closes with recent industry publications that may be of interest to the newsletter’s audience.

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W8 Tech: Numbers, figures… confusion

Figure: Numbers Source: Wallpapers Wide 2016.
Figure: Numbers Source: Wallpapers Wide 2016.

Hicks (2012, p. 158) states “what cannot be overstated is the need for journalists to be numerate as well as literate”. Well that’s a shame because I scored eight out of ten on my first attempt of the quiz. This isn’t ideal considering I am also studying a B. Business with an accounting major. Continue reading “W8 Tech: Numbers, figures… confusion”

W8 Prac: Putting a PR spin on it

Week eight introduced the art of developing a media release.  Having worked in administration roles within a marketing department and a communications department, I appreciate that media releases often read effortlessly. However, I know a lot of effort has been inputted by the writer to ensure this effortlessly.

The task at hand this week was to develop a media release for a fake organisational crisis. The following media release has been developed on behalf of a fake organisation:



2 June                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



FakeComicCon organisers are working with the relevant authorities to investigate the security breach at the Brisbane Convention Centre event held today.

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W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use

Wk 7.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week 7 Quiz Results

I managed to achieve 100 percent on my first attempt at this quiz. This result is probably because I got a promotion today, or, maybe I got my promotion because of my strong understanding of word use. Continue reading “W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use”