W12 Tech: A thought for the quizzes

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hicks (2013). This is a book I will definitely re-read in the near future. I am glad this course introduced me to this valuable resource.

I gained 100% on first attempt of quiz only twice. On nine quizzes I received 100% on second attempt while on one instance I finally gained the full marks after the third try.

Without a doubt my technical writing ability has improved over the last 12 weeks. I found the two punctuation quizzes the most challenging while the style quiz was easy. I have increased confidence around the placement of apostrophes and commas while my thoughts on style have been re-enforced. With that said, I know I will need to refer back to the Hicks (2013) text as I move forward with my writing.

W9 Tech: Proper punctuation is the key

Quiz wk 9.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Nine Quiz Results

In order to prepare for the week nine quiz, I read Hicks (2013) Chapter six on punctuation three times over. When selecting to attempt the quiz on Moodle, I still felt ill-prepared. Continue reading “W9 Tech: Proper punctuation is the key”

W8 Tech: Numbers, figures… confusion

Figure: Numbers Source: Wallpapers Wide 2016.
Figure: Numbers Source: Wallpapers Wide 2016.

Hicks (2012, p. 158) states “what cannot be overstated is the need for journalists to be numerate as well as literate”. Well that’s a shame because I scored eight out of ten on my first attempt of the quiz. This isn’t ideal considering I am also studying a B. Business with an accounting major. Continue reading “W8 Tech: Numbers, figures… confusion”

W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use

Wk 7.png
Hilary Sinfield’s Week 7 Quiz Results

I managed to achieve 100 percent on my first attempt at this quiz. This result is probably because I got a promotion today, or, maybe I got my promotion because of my strong understanding of word use. Continue reading “W7 Tech: A quick quiz on word use”

W6 Tech: Spelling, spelling and more spelling

Quizwk 6
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Six Quiz Result


I found this week’s quiz to be less challenging than previous weeks.

It is interesting how each weekly quiz assists me with understanding my writing strengths and weaknesses. At the commencement of this course, I probably would have said that my understanding of punctuation and grammar is stronger than my ability to spell (without the assistance of spell-check). Continue reading “W6 Tech: Spelling, spelling and more spelling”

W5 Tech: Common grammar mistakes

Quiz 5
Hilary Sinfield’s Week Five Quiz Results


Reading Chapter Three of Hick’s ‘English for Journalists’ was eye-opening. The chapter, titled ‘Grammar: 10 common mistakes’, noted at least three mistakes I unknowingly make regularly. I have learnt that I often confuse the word ‘may’ with ‘might’, ‘I’ with ‘me’ and ‘whom’ for ‘who’. Continue reading “W5 Tech: Common grammar mistakes”